San Antonio Express-News’ coverage of Becky Hammon Worth Going the Extra Mile To Hold In My Hand

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SAN ANTONIO–  Call me old-fashioned. But I took special delight in reading San Antonio Express-News‘ Mike Monroe’s front page story Wednesday about WNBA All-Star Becky Hammon being selected as the first female paid assistant coach in the NBA. The announcement … Read More

Stanley Nelson Rocks with “Freedom Summer” Documentary That Premieres Tuesday Night on PBS’ American Experience

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Stanley Nelson, an award-winning documentary producer and leader of Firelight Media has a new documentary on Freedom Summer that premieres Tuesday night. Nelson taught me media production in the early 1990s at Howard University.

Five Biggest Takeaways from 2014 Southern Christian Writers Conference

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For more than a quarter century, Joanne and David Sloan and family have labored tirelessly to produce one of the best Christian writers conferences in the nation. The Southern Christian Writers Conference (SCWC) draws 200 or more people to Tuscaloosa … Read More

I’m Beginning June at Journalism Leadership Camp in the Bayou

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It’s a new week and new month and I’m starting it all in “The Bayou State.” Later this afternoon, I’ll be joining 16 other journalism and mass communication administrators, professors and communication professionals in Baton Rouge for the 2014 Scripps … Read More

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