NPR’s Michel Martin, Weekend All Things Considered Staff “Mainstream” Diversity

I rarely stop everything and listen to a full hour of National Public Radio programming. But I listened to every story on the June 18th edition of Weekend All Things Considered.  Host Michel Martin and staff produced a fine example … Read More

10 Takeaways from Three Days of Hands-On Video Training at Poynter Institute

    St. Petersburg, Fla.– I Can’t Believe that Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the final day of our “Hands-On Video Training” here at the nation’s leading news and media training spot, The Poynter Institute for Media Studies. Fortunately, I get to … Read More

UA Journalism Professor Chris Roberts Tells Why You Can Leave Alabama and Come Home Again

With a subject “Mama Called,”  University of Alabama Journalism Professor Chris Roberts certainly did not disappoint as he took a walk down memory lane and delivered a superb “Last Lecture” to a crowd of several hundred gathered Wednesday night in … Read More