Briggs to release entrepreneurial journalism book, speak in New Orleans

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As a big fan of Mark Briggs, I am excited to learn that he’s about to release another book.  This one will be focused on a topic that we all need to be giving some attention– entrepreneurial journalism.

And, best of all, we will get to hear him at the upcoming Excellence in Journalism conference sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Radio-TV Digital News Association later this month.

This semester my cross-media reporting class is using his latest book, JournalismNext for the second fall semester in a row.

I also enjoyed his e-book, Journalism 2.0 a few years in teaching a digital media workshop course.

Briggs, like me, has a background in television news.  (He’s on the west coast, while I worked on the East Coast in the Richmond, Va. market)

We all need to understand more about starting news operations that are viable and that are able to sustain themselves in tough economic times.

What’s in this new book

According to Briggs, who is director of digital media for King 5 Television in Seattle and a Ford Fellow in Entrepreneurial Journalism,  we must few understand the news ecosystem and the idea of disruption.

Based on what I could find on the publishers Web site, in eight chapters, readers of Entrepreneurial Journalism learn how to go where the money is, innovate and turn their ideas into a business.

This is exactly the kind of knowledge that journalism students need to have if they are going to make their own way in our profession rather than beg someone to hire them.

A few years, I used to encourage students to read about disruptive innovations.   a term coined by Clayton Christensen.      This kind of information is certainly still relevant today.

What appears to be different is that Briggs is applying these ideas of innovation to the situation we have in

Mark Briggs' newest book is expected to be released this fall.

journalism where the business model is broken.

People are not reading the newspaper the same way they did 10 years ago or watching television newscasts the same they did in the era of the network evening news.

Our challenge as educators is to connect students who are passionate about journalism to the tools they need to find and bring existence the NEW way of delivering news and information, whatever that is.

Interestingly enough, I will be teaching a class related this topic next semester.  Can’t wait to see Brigg’s new book.

Briggs Headed to New Orleans

As a member of the SPJ National Board, I take great pleasure in knowing that Briggs will be among the keynote speakers at our annual convention, which kicks off in about three weeks in the Big Easy.

The list of speakers for the conference is awesome.  But, Briggs is among those I would love to hear.


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