What’s Big Enough to Make Kevin Merida Get Emotional?

I never met Kevin Merida, former managing editor of The Washington Post.

The only connection I have to him is our mutual affiliation with the National Association of Black Journalists.

Kevin Merida is the editor of The Undefeated, a new ESPN website that goes live Tuesday.

But, after hearing excerpts from his interview with National Public Radio’s David Folkenflik about the new ESPN Website–
THE UNDEFEATED, I want to meet Kevin Merida.

From the interview, it seems Merida is especially proud of the young African American journalists who are a part of this start-up.

That’s what caused him to “get emotional” in his interview with Folkenflik that aired Monday.

Merida’s proud of the fact that the publication is run by people of color.

As one who is constantly advocating for diversity in the newsroom, I’m excited to see someone who is actively involved in making this happen with a new publication that’s not printed, but instead digital in nature.

I get emotional too when I think about young people whose lives and careers I can impact as a journalism professor.   It matters not what what their racial background is.

But,  new media outlets that add a new dimension to our understanding of culture, race, sports are ALWAYS A GOOD THING.

The new website goes live later today (Tuesday).    And, it looks like it will make a splash the way EMERGE Magazine made the first time it debuted in 1989 when I was a mere sophomore at Howard U.  (The publiScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.59.33 AMcation was recently re-launched as a digital publication)   I still have my copies of the old EMERGE Magazine and a copy of the book of the best of the articles from it.

Will The UNDEFEATED make such a splash with me?  We’ll see in a few hours.



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