University of Alabama is Looking for a Lemon from Louisiana

CNN anchor and author of TRANSPARENT Don Lemon visits the University of Alabama today in Tuscaloosa, a place where he formerly worked for a short time as an weekend anchor. There are several things we’re looking for in Lemon’s visit to West Central Alabama.

Soledad O’Brien’s Latest Black in America Project a Starting Point for a Colorism Conversation

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CNN’s “Who is Black in America” introduces all of America to the issue of colorism and the struggles of many Africans Americans with their racial identity. Viewers of the documentary that premiered Sunday night also see multiple efforts to address experience of the millions of bi-racial or multi-racial Americans.

CNN’s Election Coverage Ramps Up With Joe Johns’ “Voters in America” Documentary

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CNN’s Joe Johns hit a home run with his “Voters in America: Who Counts” documentary that premiered October 14, 2012. It shined a light on the controversial voter ID laws that have been passed by more than half-dozen states in the past few years.

CNN Breaks New Ground, Offers Lesson In Covering America in Its Diversity With ‘Gary & Tony’ Documentary

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CNN’s latest “In America” project, “Gary & Tony Have a Baby” is groundbreaking. The Turner-owned network managed to tell a story on such a controversial topic in one hour while appropriately acknowledging the various sides of the issue of same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption and the legal barriers that still prevent those Americans from being parents.

Five Questions for CNN’s latest installment in its “In America” franchise that airs tonight

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As media diversity educator, I have been particularly interested in documentary-style presentations of various aspects of our nation’s diversity.   Over the last two or three years, I’ve followed two efforts at NBC and CNN.   Most of these presentations, however, have … Read More

Five Questions for CNN’s latest installment in its “In America” franchise that airs tonight

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Tonight- CNN makes another contribution to this welcome genre of diversity-focused indepth news coverage by looking at the issue of adoption by Same-sex couples. The teacher and researcher in me will be looking at tonight’s media presentation with a few specific things in mind.