Soledad O’Brien’s Latest Black in America Project a Starting Point for a Colorism Conversation

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CNN’s “Who is Black in America” introduces all of America to the issue of colorism and the struggles of many Africans Americans with their racial identity. Viewers of the documentary that premiered Sunday night also see multiple efforts to address experience of the millions of bi-racial or multi-racial Americans.

Did Soledad O’Brien Show Too Much Leg On Magazine Cover?

The depiction of CNN anchor and correspondent Soledad O’Brien on the cover of the August 4, 2011 edition of Diverse Issues in HIgher Education raises some interesting questions about the unintended impact of magazine covers, especially those related to gender and racial diversity.

CNN Breaks New Ground, Offers Lesson In Covering America in Its Diversity With ‘Gary & Tony’ Documentary

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CNN’s latest “In America” project, “Gary & Tony Have a Baby” is groundbreaking. The Turner-owned network managed to tell a story on such a controversial topic in one hour while appropriately acknowledging the various sides of the issue of same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption and the legal barriers that still prevent those Americans from being parents.