Scenes From Day 2 in Phoenix, Arizona

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PHOENIX–  Before getting down to the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurial journalism, I had a great opportunity today to knock out two items on my  5-item  “To Do” List  for my visit here.phoenixfilings

There is still much to write about what I’ve seen and experienced at the Arizona State Capitol Museum and  But for now,

Here a three visuals gathered along the way today:

It’s been about two years since KPNX-TV 12 News moved into the same building with its sister publication, The Arizona Republic on Van Buren Street. Today I not only visited the facility for the first time and talked with editors at both the newspaper and the television station, but also sat in on an afternoon news planning meeting involving the news producers for KPNX-TV. The unique nature of this operation makes it a must-see for those enthusiastic about convergence/multi-platform reporting.
I can now officially add Arizona to my list of State Capitols that I’ve visited. The original capitol building is now just a museum to the 100-year history of Arizona as a state and the decades prior to 1912 when it was a territory. The lessons learned about the 48th State are many.
OK– another sweatshirt to sport from a trip for which I was under-prepared. But this one allowed me to blend in with the “local crowd.” With the very chilly morning air, this sweatshirt came in handy and it wasn’t that expensive. Turns out my favorite color– blue, is one of the state colors for Arizona.

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