Social Media Tops Southeast Colloquium Panel

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COLUMBIA, SC– We are continuing our three-day trip to the South Carolina State Capital where the AEJMC Southeast Colloquium and Media and Civil Rights History Symposium are meeting simultaneously.

This afternoon, the Colloquium featured a panel of research presentations related to social media.  As one who is just really entering this area of research, I found the paper presentations and discussion that followed to be very interesting.

Daxton “Chip” Stewart from Texas Christian had graduate students in one his classes researching the social media policies of journalism and strategic communication companies.  He found that while journalism organizations and strategic communication organizations have policies that include transparency, friending rules and the personal-professional divide, the journalism organizations seemed more restrictive.

While she’s not shown in this video, Kayla Gutierez, a recent graduate of the University of Florida, gave a great talk about the attitudes of students vs. faculty when it comes to privacy in social networking.   Her focus group research found the most common form of control when it comes to prviacy was untagging or deletion.  Most users did not invest much time in managing their profile pages.


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