Alabama’s Election Day 2010 Ends Not a Moment Too Soon

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If you’re like me, you are tired of all the robocalls with all the nasty attacks, the reminders from everyone from President Obama to State Senator Hank Sanders.

Did they actually think I would forget to vote?

Perhaps so since this was a rather low-key election cycle for those of us here in Alabama. None of the candidates for statewide office made this a very bitter or newsworthy race. The end result was predictable.

That’s why minutes after the polls closed. there were projections that our Tuscaloosa homeboy Richard Shelby had been re-elected. Duh? Did we really expect he wouldn’t be sent back to Washington?

Alabama was never really “in play” as the political analysts like to call states or places where the political control could shift from one party to another.

So, the yawner of a 2010 election cycle in Alabama is over. While I’ve had my ear to the cable news channels listening to returns, I’m not all that focused on Alabama.

I will be interested to see who won some of our local races in the West Alabama/Tuscaloosa area. But, then, it’s on to planning for the 2011 legislature, putting these candidates to the test to see if they will do what they said they will do.

We’ll know the names of the players in a matter of minutes.

Stay tuned.

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