Black in America: CHURCHED Coming October 2010

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Just found out that one of the next “In America” installments will come in October 2010.

On Facebook, there’s already a  bug (presumably created by the CNN producers) with the graphic image for “Black in America: CHURCHED”

Time Warner Cable put out an alert for advertisers to get on board with “Black in America: Churched” earlier in the spring.

Kevin Allocca of TVNewser interviewed Soledad O’Brien about the new direction of “In America,” which apparently has an expanded staff with plans to air six documentaries a year.

Like tonight’s “Gary and Tony Have a Baby,” these next projects will be more narrowly focused than the 2008 and 2009 “In America” projects.

In the interview, O’Brien explained that Black in America: Churched (which she called “Black in America 3”) will focus on one pastor and one church.   That’s very interesting.

As an African American who spends a lot of time working in and with my church, I can’t wait to see this.

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  1. Holy Events

    Can you cite any sources for the Facebook story? This will be a very interesting program. The first two were good as well.

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