Journey to the Mile High City Just 5 Days Away

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The countdown is on — five days from now I will making my second trip to the “Mile High City.”  The occasion is the nation’s largest gathering of journalism and mass communication instructors.

The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication is closely aligned with the Accrediting Council for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC), which decides whether or not my academic unit is accredited.

AEJMC also has more than 3,000 members who teach at colleges and universities in all 50 states and many countries outside of the U.S.

I go to many conferences and meetings over the course of a year. But, this one is by far, the MOST important for what I do to help students enter media careers.

The duration– FIVE DAYS– is hardly enough time to get up-to-speed on current issues related to journalism and mass communication instruction, present results from two research projects on which I’ve been working and become acquainted with the media-related issues in the state of Colorado.

During that time, I will spend a half-day in Colorado Springs where we will visit the headquarters of Focus on the Family.  We’ll participate in a dialogue with media media management educators at The Denver Post which is now the Mile High City’s only major daily and take a short ride across town to the Cable Center.

Lots of excitement and anticipation about what’s to come over the next week.

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