One Week, Four Posts and New Insight

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A week ago today I pledged to blog once a day for seven days.   The idea came from the Society of Professional Journalists Southeastern Regional Conference in Orlando, Fla.

A week later, I have to admit I failed in my attempt, only making it to this page to post three times.

But, we are at the Second Annual Writer’s Conference at the University of Alabama.

The whole idea of today’s event is to encourage people to become authors.

About two dozen people are in attendance at the opening session this morning.

“All of us have a story and that story needs to get out as African Americans,” said Pamela Payne Foster, vice  president of the Black Faculty and Staff Association, the sponsor of today’s event.

The New insight today comes from being in a non-journalism event, non-academic, non-scholarly event talking about news and writing.

Eventually I want to have my own book.  So perhaps in two years I’ll be at the Fourth Annual Writer’s Conference as a featured book author.

We shall see!

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