Second Day of Christian Writers Conference Ends with Tips For Writing Success

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The 19th Southern Christian Writers Conference is wrapping up with a blue-ribbon panel with advice for success as a Christian writer.

Cheryl Wray moderated the closing panel featuring Edna Ellison, Betty Hassler and Bruce Barbour at the Southern Christian Writers Conference in Tuscaloosa, AL

Even as he prepares to launch his next book on an iPad, Bruce Barbour reminded those in the closing panel at the two-day conference here in Tuscaloosa that only 10% of Americans are making the book population.

Barbour also reminded those attending the conference that more than 60 percent of Christian books are sold in secular book outlets.

Barbour also suggested that having a social networking platform such as Facebook or Twitter is a must, especially for unpublished authors.

“We’re going to see a huge number of new ways for bookbuyers to buy books,” Barbour said.

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